Die Hard: Pine Needles Sugar Cookies
Frosty: Twisted Peppermint Sugar Milk
Kranks: Sweet Gingerbread cookies & Cotton Candy Frosting
Jack Frost: Herbal Lavender, Fresh Mint Leaf and Lemon Curd
Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Creamy spiked eggnog and apple cider.
Rudolph: Cranberry cobbler and cornbread
White Christmas: Peppermint frosted cranberries, serendipity and vanilla bean gelato
Family Stone: Cinnamon Glazed Vanilla Beans. This is such a creamy vanilla scent with just a hint of warm cinnamon
Home Alone: Sweet chocolate drizzle with confectioner's sugar, marshmallow cream, cookie dough, vanilla and milk chocolate chips(Retired)
Grinch: Toffee Apple Crunch, Spicy Cinnamon Donuts and Toasted Hazelnuts topped off with a dollop of sweet buttercream
Scrooged: This is a great combination of two very loved types, Sweater Weather and Cactus and Sea Salt
Elf: Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, Syrup and topped with sweet bubbles. Yummmmm!!!
Nightmare before Christmas: Herbal Lavender, sweet candy canes and fluffy cotton candy!
Christmas Vacation: Freshly cut Christmas tree and crisp snowy spearmint
The Santa Clause: Creamy eggnog, spicy Fireball, dusted with nutmeg with warm sugar cane cookies on the side
Polar Express: Creamy slow simmered hot chocolate, topped with warm toasted marshmallows, raw cocoa dusted raspberries and served with Christmas tin butter cookies
Bad Santa: Combining naughty cinnamon sticks, nice peppermint bites and satin sheets
Prancer: A amazing blend of green mistletoe and Tinsel! This is so good!!!
A Christmas Story: Hot Orange Danish, Flaky pie crust, sweet cream and spicy cinnamon sticks
Miracle on 34th: Fresh fallen leaves and creamy pumpkin pie topped with toasted marshmallows
Holiday Latte: Crispy Gingerbread cookies dunked in a freshly brewed latte
Grandma's House: Fresh baked Apple pie, Chestnuts roasting on a open fire and creamy brown sugar
PF Changs: Flaky Pecan Rugalach cookies dusted with a hint of cinnamon, warm creamy Challah bread and a buttery brown sugar
Wonderful Life: Peppermint, Frosted Grapefruit, Orange, Pink Sugar and Vanilla Ice Cream
Alfie: (our elf's name lol)- Fluffy Marshmallows, Candy Canes and Christmas Cookies
Love Actually: Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, sweet lavender cream and vanilla bean noel