Guardians of the Galwaxy

Corpsman: Graham crackers, Pie Crust and Creamy Zucchini Bread
Rocket: Biolage and Frosted clementine
Star Lord: Shaving cream, cream soda and lingonberry jam
Nebula: Lavender Martini and sandalwood
Drax: Egyptian Musk, Figs, Warm Vanilla Nutmeg and Brown Sugar
Galaxy City: Strawberry Daiquiri, Moscato, Cassis and sweet pomelo
Groot: Creamy vanilla, Sandalwood and driftwood
Nova Prime: Bakery Shop, sweet lemon meringue and blackberry cream
The Collector: Blue Sugar and sweet peppermint cream
Ronan: The Omen blended with herbal Lavender
Thanos: Herbal Lavender Buds and Whipped Cream (Twilight)
Gamora: Pink Sugar, MacApple and Ice Cream Scoop Bread